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I was born in eastern Washington State. I will not die there.

I first picked up a camera to document protests at a national political convention. As my interest in photography grew after college, I photographed weddings, theater productions, news and sports. When I moved to northern California, I became a photographer and graphic artist for a chain of African-American newspapers. Then, a passion for civil liberties, human rights, and the environment led to a career as a fundraising and strategic planning consultant.

Now, living in New York City and Longboat Key, Florida, I am pursuing photography with renewed energy, moving away from my earlier journalism focus and toward “fine art.” I have photographed fascinating people, their arts, and environments in 27 countries, focusing on Southeast Asia and Oceania, the Americas, and Europe. In Florida I am drawn to exotic seabirds and flowers, marshy landscapes, and patterns of seagrass. In New York there are endless people to photograph and architecture and reflections in windows and more and more.

I see abstract geometric patterns and patterns of light and dark and color and cracks in the paint and the walls, cracks in the pavement, and rust. For me, mystery is an important element in creating photographs that engage viewers, hopefully giving them a reason to pause and reflect and to bring their own experiences and emotions into reading an image.

Publications, Awards, and Exhibitions

Australia and New Zealand, book 2014

12 Days in Bhutan, book 2015

Fest, Photographs of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, book 2002 - 2017

• Official photographer for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, 2015 and 2017

• A Contemporary Room Online Gallery, Abstract Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention, 2019

• New York Center for Photography Art, Patterns and Shadows, Honorable Mention, 2019

• Regularly featured in Still Point Gallery (online) and Still Point Arts Quarterly, including Best in Show for International Portraits, Winter 2018

• Best Nature Photograph, PHOTOcentric 2015, Garrison Art Center; selected for 2017 exhibition

• PSA Gold Medal for Best of Show Nature Division 2018, Color Club of Westchester International Exhibition; Honorable Mention Nature Division, 2016; selected photographer, 2015

• Exhibitions of Exotic Sea Birds, Tropical Flowers, and International Graffiti, Limitone Salon, NYC, 2015-2017

• Exhibition of Bhutan and selected travel photographs Bayport Beach and Tennis Club, 2016-2018, Longboat Key, Florida

The Gardens of Bayport, photographic guide to over 140 flowers and trees, 2017